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Reporting Problems

Make A Difference To Your Local Area

Have you ever noticed problems with your local area, such as potholes, faulty street lighting, or even potential hazards? They can make an area feel run down and neglected, they can even be dangerous. By simply taking a few minutes to input some details onto our website via your mobile phone, you can made a difference to your local area and help keep it maintained, respectable and safe.

Why Are Repairs Overlooked?

Often it isn't a lack of money that prevents these issues from being tackled - it's a lack of communication. Local people, who are in the best position to identify problems when they first arise, aren't sure who they should report them to, while the local council, although willing to rectify the problem, aren't aware of it.

Quick Fixes Save Money

Often problems that start out small quickly escalate over time. A broken street light can attract vandals or a pothole in the road might erode to create a large hazard for drivers. What was once a small problem, easy and cheap to fix, has grown into a much larger issue, which is more time consuming and expensive to put right.

Street Repairs Links Local People With Local Councils

Street Repairs helps local people stay in touch with their local council, so they can work together to create a safer, better cared for local environment. You can help make your neighbourhood become a safer, more pleasant place, by simply reporting a problem using your mobile phone.