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What problems can I report through Street Repairs?

Street Repairs is used to report problems when something in your local area needs fixing, cleaning or taking away.

For example, unlit street lamps and potholes need fixing, graffiti and dog fouling needs cleaning, abandoned cars, fly tipping and broken glass all need taking away.

What problems aren't suitable for Street Repairs?

Street Repairs should not be used for making complaints on planning issues, or criminal matters. Councils will often have a direct telephone number, available on their website that you can call them on about these matters. Routing the problem through Street Repairs can cause a delay in getting a response, so it is important you report the matter using the correct procedure.

Why should I report a problem?

Don't assume that your council haven't fixed a problem in your neighbourhood because they are choosing not to. Often they are not even aware the problem exists. By reporting any problems you notice, you are helping your council maintain your neighbourhood. Reporting a problem promptly enables it to be dealt with before the matter escalates, for example, before unlit street lamps attract anti-social behaviour.

How do I report a problem?

Simply enter the name of the location or postcode and a street-level map will be displayed. Click on the map to show the exact location of the problem, then enter some details about the matter into the empty boxes.

Can I remain anonymous?

You are welcome to remain anonymous if you prefer to do so. Alternatively you can enter a mobile telephone number which will enable us to send you text alerts about the progress of your reported problem.

Do I need to know the postcode?

Having the postcode of the street you are reporting a problem in will make it easier to identify the location, but you can report a problem without it. Simply enter the street name and town, then mark the location on the map provided.

Which council do I report my problem to?

Street Repairs is so much easier to use than the traditional methods of problem reporting. You don't need to know which council is responsible for the location in question, simply enter the details into Street Repairs and we will ensure it gets sent to the correct council.

How long will the repair take?

Street Repairs do not provide guidelines about how long each problem will take to fix. The council will prioritise the issues and make the repairs accordingly. However, taking the time to submit the problem via Street Repairs helps your local council to better target their resources and budget, as they will have improved awareness of the problems and issues in the local area.

Can I report a problem via phone?

There is no contact telephone number for reporting problems to Street Repairs. However, the website is fully compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices, so you can simply use the site to report any issues.

How do I check if the problem has already been reported?

Click on your local council's name and you can see a list of problems that have already been reported and their current status.

Can I report multiple problems?

There is no restriction on the number of problems you can report, but please submit them as separate reports rather than adding comments onto the first submission. This makes it easier for us to track progress and for the council to plan and prioritise the fixes.

Will I be charged for this service?

Street Repairs do not charge the person submitting the problem. However data usage will be charged by your mobile operator at your standard rate.

Having trouble opening the website in my browser

If you have any difficulties in viewing the site, try the latest version of Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Apple Safari. Please also make sure that javascript is enabled in your browser settings.