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Street lighting on London N12 8JT, UK
Reported over 3 years ago by laura on the 29 Nov 17:30

the street lighting on my road has gone off and now that it is winter and it is going dark early it is hard to see ice on the pavement. There are a lot of elderly people living on this street so this needs fixing as soon as possible.

Location London N12 8JT, UK
Postcode N12 8JT
Local Authority London Borough of Barnet
Reported over 3 years ago | 29 Nov 17:30
Category Street lighting Street lighting
Coordinates 51.6158586 ,
-0.177026699999942 Streetview
Status REPAIRED on the 06 Apr 15:03
Authority Receipt
Notifications sent 1
  • We have sent a 28 days reminder to London Borough of Barnet about this fault
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