Frequently asked questions

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I'm from a council, where can I find out more?

We'd love to talk to you about the reports we provide and how we can work together to move your problem reporting online.

Please contact us for more information.

Can we put Street Repairs onto our own website?

Yes you can. We can customise Street Repairs to fit in with your council's own branding and then put it onto your website.

Do you edit or remove offensive or silly submissions?

We aren't responsible for the content submitted by Street Repairs users.
However, we do reserve the right to edit or remove content which we consider to be inappropriate.

What IT support is needed?

Because the system is cloud hosted, we don't need any support from your IT team to implement it.
Your staff can access the system from any computer, anytime of day.
We take care of the initial set-up and ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

What training is provided?

The system is so user-friendly that very little training is needed.
However, we are as keen as you are to get every user familiar with the system from Day One, so we will provide all the training needed until your whole team is comfortable using Street Repairs.

Why use an online problem reporting system?

Your customers expect to be able to conduct most business online.
By enabling residents to contact you online, you are more engaging and approachable.
An online system will make it easier for residents to report problems to the right council, thus increasing the number of problems of which you are made aware.

Won't more problems reported create more work?

Street Repairs doesn't create more problems, it raises your awareness of problems that were already there.
A single online contact point will reduce your workload as fewer residents call, write, or email to report new problems, or chase progress updates of ongoing issues.
The online visibility of all problems reported to date will also reduce the number of duplicate reports you receive.

How does improved awareness help us?

Having a better awareness of the problems that need remedying will help you improve your budget and resource planning.
It is more cost effective to target small, easily remedied problems, than to wait until they have escalated into more serious, expensive issues.

Having trouble opening the website in my browser

If you have any difficulties in viewing the site, try the latest version of Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Apple Safari. Please also make sure that javascript is enabled in your browser settings.