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Street Repairs are committed to making it as easy as possible for local people to report local problems to their council. We then work with the council to get these issues resolved, while keeping the original informant up-to-date with the progress being made.

The specification of the Street Repairs API can take many forms and is easily incorporated into any web platform. The Street Repairs API can be adapted, resized and made to look and feel as if it was your own.

In addition, you will receive full support from our tech team to ensure smooth integration into your own site.

We use cloud hosting which means the service doesn't impact on any of your existing IT systems and we take care of all maintenance, updates and upgrades.

Fast real time reporting enables the public to see problems affecting the local area being tackled, and reduces the number of follow-up telephone or email inquiries.

This slick, efficient, technology enhanced reporting system invites local residents to get involved with the maintenance of their immediate environment. Ease of fault reporting and real-time feedback on progress improves the level of engagement between the authority and its residents.

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You will be provided with a unique dashboard which gives you the ability to track reports and establish trends. You can use it as a single information gathering point to direct residents to, cutting down on written and telephone-based interactions. This simple user interface makes it easier for residents and councils to work together to create a safer, more attractive local environment.

Far from increasing your team's workload, the Street Repair interface will reduce it. By integrating the Street Repair system with your existing CRM system, we can eliminate manual data entry. Errors are minimized as problems are no longer reported via multiple channels such as post, telephone and email. The system also cuts down on contacts with residents chasing progress updates and duplicate reporting of problems, since residents can check an online log of reported issues and progress made.

All our systems are cloud hosted, which means there is no installation or maintenance work required from your IT team. We take care of all the system's maintenance, changes and support, without needing to consult with your IT department. Cloud hosting means that the system takes up no space on your servers, your team can access it anytime, from any computer and that it is up, running and ready to use from Day One.

Our Asset Management System is user-friendly and intuitive. But even so, we know that everyone needs a little help when getting to grips with a new system. Our team is here to provide initial training at set-up, helping your staff understand how the system works and what they need to do to get the best from it. We then provide ongoing support, upgrades and maintenance, as standard features of our product package.

It also helps you to group data and export data you need in one click and our interactive statistics generator tool helps you to track down reports at ease.


Street Repairs takes advantage of the technology most people carry in their pocket every day.

Our mobile app is designed to assist motorists, the Highways Agency and local authorities to quickly identify community issues such as potholes, street lighting faults, pavement issues and much more in real time. Now your local community can report any street fault from anywhere at any time and our amazing app will do everything else.

Our mobile app will be designed (color and logo) as per your specifications.

Currently we provide apps for IOS and Android platforms with free lifetime updates.

The Street Repairs app can identify a user’s location using the mobile phones GPS. It then instantly send the report through to your council in real time.

Up to three photos can be quickly uploaded to show defects in great detail. Our app will then compile a detailed report on your behalf and send it to you.

This ease of use will increase the reporting rates of problems and improve your resident’s engagement in the process.

See Some Of Our White Labelled Apps In Action

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