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Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of Street Repairs. The main objective of this site is to provide the public with transparency about the state of their roads and communities and to provide a centralised point of contact to report issues to their local authority.

Improving efficient communications between local authorities and the public comes at a cost. With generous donations from our sponsors and donators, we will continue to invest in further improvements and upgrades which otherwise might not be possible without your help.

All contributed funds are used to fund maintenance, management and administration. Improvement of this site is continuous and we operate as a non profit organisation.

Now it’s your turn to get involved. Please take the time to establish what we have done already with Street Repairs then think about the possibilities.

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Street Repairs - Investor Relations Page

Street Repairs is an online system that enables members of the public to report street-level problems to their local authority, using their smartphone.

Street Repairs is set to revolutionise the street-level fault reporting process resulting in cost-reductions for local authorities, improved engagement and customer service for local residents, and the development of a huge database of information on Britain's roads, ripe for statistical analysis.

Our innovative company is offering sponsorship opportunities, as well as access to the centralised data for interested parties. More information on the statistical output of Street Repairs, opportunities for investors and potential sponsorship deals are available upon request.


Residents Empowered By Convenient Fault-Reporting System

When a local resident notices a street-level problem, they can report it instantly using their mobile phone and accessing Street Repairs online. The Street Repairs system captures details of the problem and its precise location using adaptive mapping technology.

This report is instantly visible to the local authority. Any progress updates recorded by the local authorities are publicly visible and will be passed onto the person who made the initial report.

Street Repairs empowers residents by making the fault-reporting system quick and easy, enabling them to check on progress made in remedying the situation.

Through judicious use of sponsorship, we are able to keep the Street Repairs service free for local residents and local authorities.

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Your Company Made Visible To All Councils

As the reporting process is so easy, authorities will be made aware of problems at an earlier, less urgent stage. This enables the fault to be fixed before it escalates into a bigger problem which would be more expensive to correct. It also enables authorities to cut back on the number of emergency repairs carried out and cluster together smaller repairs to benefit from economies of scale. This trend can be verified by analysing our centralised data, making it easy to justify the initial outlay and annual sponsorship. Your company will be highlighted as a business that believes in what Street Repairs is achieving.

Long Term Lessons

Data on fault types, costs, location and more can be analysed to identify trends and develop money-saving solutions.

Any organisations interested in accessing our centralised data covering all the local authorities with Street Repairs in place, should contact us. Analysis of these detailed statistics will reveal trends around highways maintenance, and the condition of Britain's streets

Sponsorship Opportunities

In order for us to keep this service free (basic level) for local authorities and the fast reporting service free for local residents, we invite related parties to discuss sponsorship opportunities with us. Please contact us for more information about sponsorship opportunities for your business or simply get in touch via the contact form below.

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