Street Repairs reporting software for risk, liability and asset management



The importance of risk management as a component of asset management is now more widely recognised, both at the strategic level to inform decisions on investment and priority, and at the operational level to improve regimes of defect inspection and repair.

The Street Repairs software system recognises the need for local flexibility implied by the need to focus on the needs of users and the community. It encourages authorities to respond enthusiastically and creatively to the challenges posed by sustainability and the need for continuous improvement. From time to time, it includes examples of individual authority approaches, as a demonstration of good practice.


Increasing frequency of severe weather events associated with climate change has brought new challenges for the highway maintenance service including, in some cases, considerable damage to the highway asset. This situation will need to be taken into account in authorities’ risk management strategies, together with research on new materials and practice to mitigate its effects.

Perhaps the most important area of continuing challenge for highway maintenance is to maximise its contribution to sustainability. In order to deliver this challenge the community must understand the wider economic, social, and environmental implications of both the service and its individual schemes and how these relate to the best quality of life outcomes. This is a complex, difficult and presently not well understood process, but one that potentially could deliver the most long-lasting benefits not only to the community, but to the development, stimulation and motivation of all involved in service delivery.

The purpose of the Street Repairs software is to encourage best practice in highway maintenance, within the new context of asset management and the new statutory duty of network management. Previous practices were intended to encourage the use of sound management systems and defined minimum standards for maintenance practice within, what was then, a fairly stable procurement regime. This is now evolving, through asset management, into a more holistic stewardship of the highway, embracing both its operational role and its wider contribution to the community.

In recent years there has been a general increase in the tendency for users to pursue claims against authorities, where injury or damage has occurred, and they consider there has been a failure on the part of the authority to maintain the highway to required standards. In the light of this trend the need for a national fault reporting software package to assist against liability is more apparent.

Authorities now have a statutory duty for network management requiring them to achieve, so far as may be reasonably practicable, having regard to their other obligations, policies and objectives, the expeditious movement of traffic on their road network. This includes enhanced powers of co-ordination, regulation and direction for all road and street works including those by the authority.

Street Repairs software is based on the assumption that available funding for highway maintenance will continue to provide some flexibility for authorities to pursue a regime of assessment and rational planning of programmes and priorities.

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