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Street Repairs APP

The nation’s one and only independent non profit street and road reporting organisation built for you.

The Street Repairs mobile phone application is designed to assist motorists, the Highways Agency and local authorities to quickly identify community issues such as potholes, street lighting faults, pavement issues and much more in real time.

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Unique system that reports to local authorities

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The Street Repairs street fault reporting system is a unique system in that reports to local authorities and the highways agency can be made in less than two minutes in real time. You the public where crying out for such an app so after listening to our many thousands of followers we designed this amazing free app just for you. Now you can report any street fault from anywhere at any time and our amazing app will do everything else.

The Street Repairs app can identify a user’s location using the mobile phones GPS. It then instantly recognises which council or local authority to send the report through to in real time. With location markers and the ability to highlight dangerous defects this app will be a must have for your smartphone.

Up to three photos can be quickly uploaded to show defects in great detail. Our app will then compile a detailed report on your behalf and send it to the appropriate authority. You can remain anonymous whilst making a report or if you choose to register with us you will receive instant text messages and email alerts about the report you made through street repairs. We will keep you right up to date with your reported fault at all times. You also have the ability to showcase your report to your friends and family via social media.

Our motto is simple, “let’s fix Britain together” Now with this powerful street fault reporting app you have the opportunity to make changes for the better to your community, your roads and your country.

Download the app today for free from iTunes or Google Play