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About Street Repairs

We created Street Repairs because we are passionate about keeping local environments attractive and safe.


We Want To Show You How We Can Help Your Community

Our company is passionate about keeping local environments attractive and safe. Local authorities and government said it couldn’t be done and that it was to expensive to build such a national fault reporting system. Thus, Street Repairs was born. Built with donations, tech advice and manpower generously provided from a small software company in Leyland Lancashire Street Repairs has now become the fastest growing fault reporting system in the UK. Street Repairs was developed out of the need for a public friendly system to communicate between residents and their local authorities, so that’s what we’ve built.

We come across street defects in everyday life and many of them go unreported. In the past making a report was difficult and time consuming, tracking down the correct department, and following the right procedures can leave us all discouraged. It’s solely reliant on donations to keep it running but has proven to be very effective in getting the job done

All too often low level problems such as a flickering street light, minor pothole, or broken Zebra crossing light will go ignored by local residents and the local authority.

Overtime these problems worsen, until an area looks rundown and can even become dangerous. For example, a small pothole can be quickly and inexpensively repaired. The same pothole, if left over the winter, will grow in size through repeated freezing and thawing of the water accumulating in it. After just a few months, the pothole will become a dangerous hazard for motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users risking damage to both property and residents

Neighbourhoods that feel neglected can often attract anti-social behaviour. One malfunctioning street light, may attract graffiti vandals, which in turn may attract fly-tipping, and could encourage antisocial behaviour.

We Need Your Help To Keep Your Streets And Your Roads Attractive And Safe.

You can help keep your neighbourhood safe, clean and inviting, by reporting any maintenance problems you notice to your local council. In the past it has been difficult and time consuming to make a report, with residents needing to track down the correct department, follow the right procedure or even identifying the correct location of the defect. Trying to follow a reported fault can also be tedious, with Street Repairs it’s easy to follow your report as we keep you updated with regular text messages and emails. Our systems will identify your location, find the right council and keep you posted on progress.

Street Repairs makes the whole process much easier, by providing one website through which residents can submit any problem, to any local council anywhere, anytime. Smartphone technology has allowed residents to report problems in real time. You can attach photographs and give a detailed description whilst out and about. Basically we have handed street fault reporting power over to you the public.

Once the problem is reported, our work is only just beginning. We try to work with councils to help them prioritise the works that need carrying out which assists in managing their maintenance budgets. We also encourage and closely monitor their progress and follow up on all cases submitted via the Street Repairs. Progress updates from the council are regularly requested to ensure a satisfactory outcome for local residents and the council.

Street Repairs is committed to making it as easy as possible for local people to report local problems to their local council. We then try to work with the council to get these issues resolved, while keeping the original informant up-to-date with the progress being made.